Wiley’s Story

Curis Waynesboro VA Nursing and Rehabilitation success storyWiley is a 63-year-old gentleman from Waynesboro, Virginia, who experienced an extended hospitalization for L1-2 Osteo diskitis, L1-2 Thoracolumbar Kyphosis and Osteomyelitis of the Lumbar Spine.

Upon admission to Curis at Waynesboro, Wiley experienced significant pain and anxiety which limited his ability to transfer, safely ambulate and complete activities of daily living successfully.

During Wiley’s stay at Curis at Waynesboro, he received Occupational and Physical Therapies as well as Skilled Nursing services for IV antibiotic administration. Wiley worked diligently with the therapy and nursing teams. Through instruction and educationfor compensatory strategy use, pain management, selfcare management training, E-stim,therapeutic exercises and daily therapeutic activities he regained his ability to confidently ambulate and perform his activities of daily living safely.

Wiley ultimately reached the goal of returning to his home independently. With an improved spirit, determination, and positive outlook, Wiley has helped to inspire other residents as well as our facility staff.

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