Moving Your Senior Loved One Into Rehabilitation

After your senior loved one is discharged from the hospital, they may still need care from a short-term or long-term rehabilitation center but there may be complications during the admission process that cause them to be readmitted into the hospital. However, here are some steps to help identify high-risk admissions to rehab or home health
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Wiley’s Story

Wiley is a 63-year-old gentleman from Waynesboro, Virginia, who experienced an extended hospitalization for L1-2 Osteo diskitis, L1-2 Thoracolumbar Kyphosis and Osteomyelitis of the Lumbar Spine. Upon admission to Curis at Waynesboro, Wiley experienced significant pain and anxiety which limited his ability to transfer, safely ambulate and complete activities of daily living successfully. During Wiley’s
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